The Used Japanese Mitsubishi Canter Is A High Performing Truck.

The performance of Japanese trucks such as the Canter is valued around the world. However, because of strict safety standards, these trucks are limited in their domestic use to the ten years after first being registered. They therefore become decommissioned cars which must be discarded. The details vary by prefecture, so please refer to the website of each prefecture's truck association for more information. However, even with this ten year limit, these high performance made in Japan trucks are in high demand even when they are used. They have absolutely no performance problems, so they can continue being used in accordance with overseas safety regulations. The Canter in particular, as an easy to handle small truck, is in demand in various regions. Knockdown production is already happening in Indonesia. In Kenya's case there are times when a used car dealer imports the used car, and times when an individual does it. For both cases a net auction in English that mainly deals with Japanese cars is often used. "Japanese used car auction" If you try searching for "Japanese used car auction", you will get many hits.

Toyota is the favored car maker in Kenya, and I get the impression that 70% of Japanese cars in Kenya are Toyotas. Toyota's official distributor is located in the capital, Nairobi. However, many people buy used cars because the price of a new one is quite high.Kenyans think that the quality of Toyota's cars is superior to those of other car makers. A Kenyan once told me he thought Nissan's cars were of poor quality, to which I replied that all Japanese cars are high quality. Kenyans favor vehicles on the large side like pick-up trucks with four wheel drive. Station wagons and microbuses that are used as matatu (ride sharing bus) are also in high demand. In Toyota's case that means Prado, RAV4, and Hilux. The Harrier is also popular.